27th Annual Michigan Jazz Festival

2022 Festival Lineup

Leven Open Air Stage


Chris Smith, sousaphone
Band Leader

Chris Tabaczynski, alto sax, clarinet
Janelle Reichman, alto sax, clarinet
Tom Bogardus, tenor sax, clarinet
Jon-Erik Kellso, cornet, trumpet
Justin Walter, cornet, trumpet
Gene Bartley, trombone
Mike Karloff, piano
Rod McDonald, guitar, banjo
Van Hunsberger, drums, percussion

Dr. Prof. Leonard King, drums & vocals, Band Leader

Ben Green, trumpet
Jake Shadik, saxophones
Evan Mercer, piano
Rocco Popielarski, bass

Terry Lower, piano
Band Leader

Edye Evans-Hyde, vocals
Ray Tini, bass
Jim Ryan, drums

Dave McMurray, saxes, flute
Band Leader

Maurice O’Neal, keyboards
Ibrahim Jones, bass
Jeff Canady, drums

Dave Bennett, clarinet
Band Leader

Cliff Monear, piano
Nick Calandro, bass
Pete Siers, drums

Diego Rivera, saxophones
Band Leader

Anthony Stanco, trumpet
Xavier Davis, piano
Javier Enrique, bass
Caleb Robinson, drums & cymbals

Bill Bolle Presentation Stage


Allen Dennard, trumpet
Band Leader

Nolan Young, tenor sax
Jordan Anderson, piano
Marion Hayden, bass
David Alvarez, III, drums

Jon-Erik Kellso, trumpet
Band Leader

Pat Cronley, piano
Kurt Krahnke, bass
Jeff Trudell, drums

Louis Jones III, drums
Band Leader

Jeffrey Trent, sax
Michael Malis, piano
Jonathon MuirCotton, bass


Anthony Stanco, trumpet
Band Leader

Marcus Elliot, tenor sax
Bijan Taghavi, piano
Sam Copperman, bass
Michael Reed, drums

Jonathon Muir-Cotton, bass
Band Leader

Kris Johnson, trumpet
Eddie Codrington, sax
Brendon Davis, piano
Louis Jones III, drums


Sean Dobbins, drums
Band Leader

Scott Gwinnell, piano
Rob Bickley, bass

Jerry McKenzie Rathskeller Stage


Russ Macklem, trumpet
Band Leader

Rafael Leafar, woodwinds
Bijan Taghavi, piano
Michael Palazzolo, bass
Michael J. Reed, drums


Cary Kocher, vibraphone
Band Leader

Sarah D’Angelo, vocals/clarinet
Ralph Tope, guitar
Adam Mosley, piano
Jeff Pedraz, string bass

Sven Anderson, piano
Band Leader

Steve Wood, reeds
Scott Gowan, trumpet
Carl Cafagna, reeds
John Barron, bass
Rob Emanuel, drums


Vincent Chandler, trombone
Band Leader

Kris Johnson, trumpet
Kasan Belgrave, alto sax
Stephen Grady, tenor sax
Jordan Anderson, piano
Marion Hayden, bass
Tariq Gardner, drums


Ron Kischuk, trombones
Band Leader

Dennis Wilson, trombone
Chuck Shermetaro, piano
Jeff Halsey, bass
Dave Taylor, drums


Jon Krosnick, drums
Band Leader

Brandon Cooper, trumpet
Steve Hiltner, alto sax, clarinet
Paul Vornhagen, tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, pennywhistle
Sam Clark, guitar
Keaton Royer, piano
Jeff Dalton, acoustic & electric bass
Aron Kaufman, congas, bongos, percussion
Olman Piedra, timbales, percussion


Vosgerchian Solo Piano & More

Rennolds Room

Jordan Young, drums
Band Leader

Ralph Tope, guitar
Duncan McMillan, organ

Ryan Bills, tenor sax
Band Leader

Ian Blunden, guitar
Eli Bucheit, piano
Zach McKinney, drums
Austin DiPietro, trumpet
Trevor Lamb, bass

Matthew LoRusso, guitar
Band Leader

Michael Palazzolo, bass
Evan Mercer, keyboards
Sean Perlmutter, drums


Brandon Williams, drums
Band Leader 

Antony Gordon, piano
LaVon McPherson, bass
Jeff Ponders, sax


Salden Big Band Stage

DiPonio Room

RJ Spangler, congas
Band Leader

Alex Colista, sax
Kasan Belgrave, sax
Goode Wyche III, bari sax
James O’Donnell, trumpet
Charlie Miller, trumpet
John “Tbone” Paxton, trombone
Michael Zaporski, piano
Trevor Lamb, bass
Sean Perlmutter, drums
Camille Price, vocals

Vincent Chandler, music director
Scott Gwinnell, administrative director

John Milback, alto sax
Seth Sharp, alto sax
Shane Karas, tenor sax
Nate Topolewski, tenor sax
George Moussa, tenor sax
Xander Salsitz, baritone sax
Jauron Perry, trumpet
Tadhg McDonald, trumpet
Thijas Mirle, trumpet
Spencer Clark, trumpet
Jonathan Ewell, trombone
Joshua Ellis, trombone
Parker Moser, trombone
William Hill, III, piano
Peter Lin, bass
Joe Fielder, drums

Russ Miller, flute, alto sax
Band Leader

James Hughes, alto sax
Jason Didia, alto sax
Keith Kaminski, tenor sax
Marcus Elliot, tenor sax
Mark Berger, baritone sax
Patrick Hessian, trumpet
Dwight Adams, trumpet
John Douglas, trumpet
Charlie Miller, trumpet
Ron Kischuk, trombone
Dennis Wilson, trombone
Edward Gooch, trombone
Rob Killips, trombone
Rick Roe, piano
Pat Prouty, bass
Dave Taylor, drums
Jeannine Miller, vocals


Craig Strain, trumpet
Band Leader

Aleks Starostka, alto sax
Robert Reeves, alto sax
Mark Kieme, tenor sax
Steve Wood, tenor sax
Bradley Stern, baritone sax
Michael Skrzynski, trumpet
Randy Casteel, trumpet
Patrick Score, trumpet
Lucas Liska, trumpet
Steve Fleck, trombone
Liz Goulet, trombone
Jon Ewell, trombone
Stefan Stolarchuk, trombone
Phil Lesky, piano
Rick Davis, guitar
Matt Ryan, bass
Jim Ryan, drums
Emma Aboukasm, vocals


Jeff Trudell, drums
Band Leader

Pete Kahn, sax
Mark Kieme, sax
Mark Berger, sax
Carl Cafagna, sax
Keith Kaminski
Dave Jensen, trombone
Rob Killips, trombone
Edward Gooch, trombone
Walter White, trumpet (featured artist)
Bob Jensen, trumpet
Patrick Hession, trumpet
Kenny Robinson, trumpet
Ray Tini, bass
Mark Nilan, piano
Bill Lymperis, guitar

Music Hall Future of Jazz Stage


Noah Sklar, piano
Jackson Stone, bass
Taylor Atkinson, drums

Ellen Wallenfang- voice, Leader

Ian Mahoney- saxophone
Wes Hutchison- piano
Jackson Stone- bass
Taylor Atkinson- drums

Scott Gwinnell, piano
Marion Hayden, bass
Gayelynn McKinney, drums

Hadley Rasnick, piano
Baleigh Smith, voice
Jacob Hart, piano

John Milback- piano, alto sax, leader

George Moussa- tenor sax
Josh Reid- drums

Nate Topolewski- tenor sax, leader

Ian Haubert–piano
Izzy Savides–bass
Taylor Atkinson–drums

Livonia Community Foundation Cabaret Stage


Olivia Van Goor, vocals
William Bennett, piano

Lori LeFevre, vocals
Chris Buzzelli, guitar


Barbara Ware, vocals
Cliff Monear, piano


Kate Patterson, vocals
Chuck Shermetaro, piano


Naima Shamborguer, vocals
Ian Finkelstein, piano


Jiana Hunter, vocals

Scott Gwinnell, piano

Michigan Arts & Culture Council Clinic Stage

Forum Auditorium

Dwight Adams Jazz Improvisation Clinic 

Master trumpet improviser Dwight Adams brings you into the improvisation process, demonstrating techniques with the Michigan Jazz Festival All-Star High School Jazz Band. You will learn the specialized elements that have worked for him as well as universal concepts that can be applied to various situations. This clinic will have benefits for both beginners up to advanced level musicians.

This clinic is for listeners who want to learn about the qualities it takes to be a solo jazz vocalist and how vocalists can improve as musicians. Ellie Martin, pro vocalist and educator will conduct a clinic for vocalists who are interested in improving their solo jazz skills. Attention to form, interpretation, use of scat vocalizing, are a few of the many topics covered in this presentation. You can come to participate as a vocalist or audit as a listener.

Michigan Jazz Festival

Sunday July 17, 2022

Livonia Community Foundation Cabaret Stage