2023 Rising Star Vocal Competition WINNER

My name is Christopher Kendall, a 31 y/o Detroit native and Multi-instrumentalist (Piano and Trombone) . I started singing and playing piano around age 4. I am currently employed at a Turkish Cafe, do freelance Web Design, am Engagement Coordinator & Music Minister for my local parish, and perform in various local pit orchestra’s, bands, etc. I’ve been composing my own songs for piano and voice for about a decade. I try to draw upon a personal experience or emotion to the phrases that I sing. I’m very thankful for the encouragement and direction I’ve received from my friends and colleagues, and I’m grateful to be able to continue on my musical journey in ways that I couldn’t have imagined earlier in my career. Excited to begin to refine and expand vocally especially in the area of improvisation.
I decided to enter this competition because one of my good friends convinced me that I should apply, and because it’s time I start taking a career as a vocal performer more seriously. For years I’ve been on the outside looking in on the Jazz Festival to some of my favorite influences and performers. I have always wanted to perform locally as a jazz singer, and I’ve felt as though over the last couple years I’ve been far more confident in singing in front of people and have been ready to take the next leap. Applying to this competition was to help reinvigorate my desire to learn where I can improve as a vocalist and how to continue with that passion.
My short term goals as a vocalist are to release an album of music that I’ve composed, perform at the Michigan Jazz Festival as a vocalist in any capacity, and release an album of covers in the future. My long term goals are to travel internationally as a soloist with a band playing music we’ve composed while spreading art and love to anywhere that will have us. In the future, I plan to offer my knowledge and vocal talents to anyone who wishes to learn more about the craft and teach up and coming musicians about the beautiful art that predates them and the music that is yet to be created.
Georgia on My Mind

Fly Me To The Moon